Launched May 12, 2024

Turtles of North America is a documentary film series on the status of native North American turtle species.  This documentary takes a serious look at the remaining wild turtle populations and discusses their rapidly changing environment, covering the impact upon all the turtle species now and in the future.

We previously ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign called “Turtles of North America – Where are they?” that raised the funds to shoot the footage for all eight episodes of the documentary, and to finish the first episode. Now we are looking for funding to pay for the editing, voice-over, color correction, music rights, and release costs on our seven remaining episodes. 

Our goal is to get these episodes out to the largest audiences possible and help sway public opinion in the direction of saving embattled turtle species. Once all eight episodes are edited and completed, the intention is to get the entire package of episodes released as a series on national television. We will be approaching PBS, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel with the finished work.

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