TURTLES OF NORTH AMERICA  is a new documentary film series brought to you by filmmakers Ari Taub & Malcolm Matusky. The filmmakers are taking a serious look at an “indicator” species and will discuss the changing environment with it’s impact upon all the fragile creatures now and the impact it will have upon us later.

The documentary will illuminate the common ignorances that people have about the care and distribution of most turtles, and try to shed light and a path forward to their continued existence in the wild, and how we can help preserve them without accelerating their extinction through education and enlightenment.

We will only be able to cover freshwater North American turtles, as these are somewhat overlooked, and their larger Sea Turtle cousins are being covered by major news outlets and nature channels more thoroughly. However, the things we see happening to turtles of North America are happening around the world as well.

We will be talking to State Biologists, Conservationists, Local Experts, Collectors, Breeders and Turtle Enthusiasts. We will visit fragile eco-systems where wild turtles still exist and we will visit reptile zoos and protected lands. We will examine the turtles’ past and present status in each area of the North East—enjoy and stay tuned for updates.