“I have been a turtle enthusiast going back as a child in the late 1960’s. I used to observe and catch turtles as a kid in Cape Cod, with my Dad and his friends. It would be my dream to be able to keep turtles in a natural eco-system that were similar to their natural environments in the wild.

I have watched helplessly as turtles have vanished “silently” from their native habitats all across the country and the world. Mostly from over collection, the turtle pet trade, and habitat destruction.

I have been a filmmaker and I have wanted to film turtles and other wildlife in order to help people better understand them.

Over the years I have not lost my enthusiasm for turtles.”

Ari Taub (Director)

” Turtles are important to us, more important than ever, we just forget why. With global warming & climate change leading the headlines and often talked about on television news, why are turtles so important?

They are the “canary in the coal mine” for the planet. If turtles cannot survive in the wild then we will be the next species to follow them to extinction. 

We humans have become the most malevolent creature on this earth, we kill without thinking, without regard for anything but ourselves all in the name of progress!  We act like an alien invader conquering the earth and everything upon it with no regard for anything but ourselves. We do not act like a species which is of this earth and understands that the survival of all other species is mandatory for our own survival as well. If we are from this planet, we have forgotten our place within it, we have forgotten that we are dependent upon the natural environment and everything within it for our own survival.  We are the only species who has that choice, the only species who’s behavior affects all others.”

Malcolm Matusky (Producer)